Nerium Q & A

  • Can Nerium AD replace my prescription the dermatologist gave me?  I'm not a doctor so I can't say but feel free to take Nerium AD to your dermatologist and ask his opinion.  
  • Does Nerium AD treat acne, psoriasis, etc.?  Nerium AD is a night cream that helps with wrinkles, fine lines, skin texture, uneven skin tone, etc. While it is not formulated as an acne, psoriasis, etc. treatment we do have customers using it and reporting they are pleased with the results.  Please consult your doctor for any medical issue you might have.
  • Is this website a company website?  No, I am an independent brand partner and I created and maintain this site.  My official company website is:
  • How long will a bottle of NeriumAD last?  One bottle will supply 30 or more days of use depending upon how you use it.  
  • Can Nerium AD be used on other areas of the body?  Yes, we have customers using it on their hands, arms, feet, etc. and loving the results!
  • When I apply Nerium AD I feel a tightness as it dries, is this normal?  Yes, as Nerium AD dries you will feel a slight tightening.  
  • Is the tightening drying to my skin?  No, Nerium AD does not dry out your skin.  
  • How fast will I see results?  This varies for each person.  Some see results in as little as 5 days while others take longer.  
  • I have extremely sensitive skin, can I use Nerium AD? You should be able to use the product without a problem.  We have many customers with sensitive skin using the product.  Remember, the product comes with a money back guarantee so the best way to find out is to try it!
  • I've been using Nerium AD for a over a week but I'm not seeing the results like some of the pictures, does that mean it simply does not work for me? No, it is working!  No doubt about that!  I don't say that simply because I have seen the results on myself and others.  It is clinically proven to work and what I mean by that is actual scans were used to determine just how well it works and these scans were done on multiple testers.  Every single participant had real results that were measurable!  The product is working, keep using it and you'll see just how well!  
  • I used the product for 2 weeks but I didn't see the results like some of the pictures, is there a trick?  You know I also did not see the results right away but I did notice the texture of my skin definitely changed within those first 5 days.  For me, it took about a month to see results that are amazing.  The thing is, your skin didn't get where it is now overnight so be patient.  I can tell you, 100% of users do see results!  The results are so good that we try to insist every single person take a before picture.  Sometimes we find ourselves looking with a magnifying glass for the first time...... if we didn't look that closely before, what we see might shock us! In my opinion, 60 days will literally transform your life!  Seriously, the product is that good!  
  • Does it matter who I join if I want to become a brand partner? Yes and no! The truth is if you were invited to take a look at Nerium, I suggest you visit with whoever invited you and find out what they have to offer you as a member of their team.  I am a firm believer in selecting your sponsor and team because everyone does better when they have a strong support system.  Nerium as a company provides excellent training so anyone can succeed as a brand partner.  Our team provides support and several team perks that we feel will help you tremendously as you build your business. 
  • Does it matter if my personal sponsor is new and just getting started?  Absolutely not!  What you really want is to align with a team that has the support and perks that will help you build your own business.  The right team, definitely help you!